Frequently Asked Questions

We love helping our customers. Take a look around our FAQ for more information. If you don’t find what you need contact us.


No problem! We can help you re-vamp your website no matter what application you use.
Yes! We would be glad to assist you. Our past clients have used GoDaddy, Sandvox, Weebly and more.
Yes. Our packages can be used to give you an overall idea of our pricing. We can work with you on creating a custom package that best suits your needs.
We start building our website with a theme from there color changes and font changes are basic customizations. When you begin to change sizes on certain items you may delve into advanced customization, and finally premium customization uses CSS to change the look, feel & placement of items. Most people are happy with basic customization, you can always start there and if you need more along the way you can bump-up your package. Contact us for help choosing what type of customization you need.
Yes! We can work with many third-party services and seamlessly integrate them into your website.
We love helping do-it-yourselfers! We can either meet with you in person, use Teamviewer to remotely work on your computer while you watch or send you a tutorial video.
Of course. As long as the service you are using allows for booking widgets we can add it!


Yes! We can consult you on the best practices & make a customized plan for your marketing. We can also create ads and help you sync and optimize your accounts.
This is the way you generate leads, retain customers and convert to sales.
We’d be glad to analyze your content for you and suggest changes so that way your content is clear, focused and generating leads!
We’ve worked with these services and more. And we can help you create and send e-mail blasts as well as sync these services with your website.