Myth: Don’t Buy Likes

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Why shouldn’t you buy social media likes? This is the question buzzing around today. The argument is that buying likes will get you a non-loyal audience that won’t be interested in your product or service. Let’s see why this isn’t true.

Social media advertising has been around for a while, but the amount of people advertising on social networks has not decreased by any means! You can get amazing results from advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too. Not to mention some others, but this depends largely on who you want to advertise to. Facebook is the most popular, general platform, with people of all ages and interests. Other platforms are a little more niche.


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This info-graphic that I shared on the goCerebral Facebook Page a while back does an amazing job at describing the differences between social media networks. This proves you can find the right audience and makes the argument that ‘buying likes doesn’t let you reach your target audience’ false.

I have had great success running ads that request page likes. I have been able to build an audience which then allows the business page to reach more people per post. I’ve also been able to build a loyal fan base and a Facebook community this way for clients.

Why did it work? It worked for me because I customized my ads to my audience’s demographics and interests. I used some trial and error and found the audience that responded the best to my product and service. And I also tailored my posts to be what my audience wanted to see and read.

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